No 2010 : Atlas Sound - Shelia

"And when I sang the words, they were so unbelievably unconscious, it's like I was singing somebody else's song. So at first I thought, 'This is good, I'm writing a love song for boys to sing to girls. It's a heterosexual love song. What could be more experimental than me writing a straight up love song?' Then I thought maybe the last part's a little weird, the 'We'll die alone together' part.

I guess, my point is that I realized I had written maybe, I dunno, the first ever asexual love song. Where it's really just about a fear of dying alone-- you need contact, you need love, you need empathy. You need this relationship but if there's no sex involved, people act like it's not a legitimate relationship. In a way the song was really kind of written for my friend Sarah, she and my friend Chrissie have been my best friends since we were very young. And I'd love to spend the rest of my life with Sarah. It's not a romantic thing or a sexual attraction. She's 'Shelia'."

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